Power and cheap land over the weekend

Most of my weekends turned out to be working-holidays, which literally mean working during the holidays.  And most of these happen to be enjoyable.  Including yesterday, a busy Saturday – I had a good meeting with a prospective client, a local entrepreneur, looking for a foreign investor who could bring in new technologies for a mining business.   
After fifteen minutes, it was pretty clear who can be potential foreign partners so a draft ToR was agreed and I started concentrating on the food, a typical Burmese dish with Mandalay origins – Nan Gyi Thote.  Then something serendipitous happened – this man just acquired several acres of land within Yangon Region (less than 75 km from CBD) near a local train station, and with the availability of high voltage power supply.  
For those not familiar with Myanmar, Yangon’s industrial zones have extremely high property prices and what’s more – seriously unreliable power supply.  Many investors I have spoken to shied away from Yangon because of those two problems.  
So the plot that I was looking at over the dinner table was almost perfect.  Affordable land, reliable power supply with high/sufficient voltage.  There must be a catch, so I looked deeper.  From the main road, there’s only a dirt road (about 3 miles long) connecting to the plot in question with a village on the roadside.  
Upgrading that dirt road to a concrete one shouldn’t cost much.  In fact constructing one could even count as a positive social contribution.  
Another weekend well-spent indeed.