HamsaHub at Humanitarian Policy Forum

I was quite surprised(and happy) to be invited to UNOCHA Regional Humanitarian Policy Forum 28th – 29th May 2013.  United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs conducted a really interesting forum in Bangkok with participants from the civic sector-NGOs (local and international), private sector and academia. 

Everyone seemed to agree that there is a disconnect between the three sectors (civic, private and academia).  Unlike typical events where good food and good hotels are the most tangible enjoyment benefits – I felt the two days achieved quite a lot.  Our discussions touched on innovation and new actors – giving us more thoughts and telling us to be more creative in finding solutions for humanitarian needs. OCHA Team headed by Mr Oliver Lacey-Hall deserves full credit for their entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness in organising the forum in such a way that new ideas emerged without going off tangent. Phrase of the day was not a typical cliche like – think outside the box, but rather -Think inside an ever expanding box – and OCHA Team made this possible. 

My presentation (or a pitch) was on using the underutilised force, the youth and youth-led organisations, as part of effective response at national level.  To my amazement the presentation went well and I felt humbled.  It was a promising feeling the idea of social enterprise resonates with most of my fellow forum participants. 

Personally, the takeaway from the forum is the renewed commitment we have at HamsaHub for youth development, social enterprise, contribution to the civic sector and most importantly creating connections, which is what our Hub does best.  

(Top picture: with Oliver, OCHA regional boss)