Business Innovation Facility launches in Burma (Myanmar)

HamsaHub is pleased to announce that we will be acting as the local Country Manager for a new 4-year DFID-funded programme in Myanmar. 
After decades of external sanctions and isolation, Burma (Myanmar) is now at an exciting stage of development with potential for improved prosperity for all. However, fundamental challenges remain. Not least is realising Burma’s economic potential and fostering economic growth that is sustainable and benefits all parts of society, including the poorest. 
BIF Burma (Myanmar) will fund advice to companies about how they can adjust the way they do business in ways that create more jobs, opportunities, products and services for poor people with the ultimate aim of reducing poverty. It will identify and focus its work within certain markets that provide the greatest opportunities to facilitate pro-poor market system change and do so in ways that maximise the probability of the advice being implemented and other companies in the same sector following suit. 
The programme is part of DFID Burma’s broader work to promote inclusive growth in Burma (Myanmar). It provides an opportunity to capitalise on an unprecedented opportunity in Burma (Myanmar), to help to set private sector development in key sectors on a course which creates jobs, improves incomes and provides better and low cost services and products for the poor. 
For more information about BIF Burma (Myanmar) please contact +95 (9) 449249925.