HamsaHub is a Myanmar-based responsible business consulting firm providing dedicated services in project and programme design, stakeholder analysis and international development. Thuta Aung, co-founder of HamsaHub, capitalises on his 6-years comprehensive and versatile period of western education and now prioritises networking within his home nation, together with a strong team of Myanmar and international professionals.

HamsaHub provides strategic consultancy and support to the private sector, governments and NGOs interested in strengthening their capacityto adopt responsible management practices and to absorb new methodologies in conducting business.

At HamsaHub we understand CSR as a strategic basis for doing no harm, socially or environmentally, during the entire business process. We have successfully used the CSR approach to due diligence for our clients in both private and public sectors in ensuring international partners are working with reputable and responsible partners.

HamsaHub is based on a solid combination of international expertise and in-depth local context knowledge, thus making our consultancy and business development services unique and ideal for companies that wish to expand in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

HamsaHub are experienced in the following sectors: 1) garments, 2) tourism, and 3) agriculture. The cross cutting elements we are proficient include: a) ICT, b) education – including TVET, c) reputational due diligence and 4) landownership checks – urban areas.

Our capabilities include:

1)     Root cause analysis – we have proven ability to read between the lines of multiple stakeholders and identify potential intervention areas, for both private and public sectors.

2)     Stakeholder mapping – we can identify different, and often conflicting, interests of multiple stakeholders in a given project. We also apply the skills/will matrix of different stakeholders to assess their potential to impact the success of a given venture/project.

3)     Facilitating experts – we are experienced in identifying problems/gaps and bringing in experts to work on such issues. Our methodology is to use a healthy mix of national and international experts where the skills/knowledge transfer can take place between the two.